Spring is poem

spring is flowers

spring is rain

spring is mud

spring is bugs

spring is wind

spring is weeds

spring is green grass

spring is running free

spring is fun

spring is just begun!

Sociel Media

I found 3rd video amazing because,just by looking at a persons facebook,twitter,instagram or pinterest can show you alot of things about  them.

for example: just by clicking a picture of a person can show you there name,phone number,email adress and recent things they wrote about.

so just by doing a click on something can show youalot of things about someone so be careful online.

what I’m excited about.

I’m excited about march break. because I’m going to my cousins house.I’m also excited about the 2014 winter  Olympics in sochi,go Canada!

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should school change? yes or no.

I think school should change because,sometimes students sit in class all day listening to the teacher and that may get a little boring. and what if they forget what the teacher said? so I think we should do more projects.that means that if we do more projects were working together sharing new ideas for a fun way to learn. so thats how I think school should change.

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Tesla Model S

the message being presented is that the tesla dosen’t is a hybrid so it dosen’t use any gas.and that it’s soler powered by the sun.whats being presented is that the tesla isen’t powered by gas .it’s powered by the sun.this commercial stands out to me because,I thougt it would be easy cause we are working on it in class.I think whats being left out is that if the was no sun the car woulden’t work.this video was made because they wanted to show everyone the newest car of the year.

Things I do outside of school.

outside of school I go to the mall and buy some things for me and my family.and when I get home I eat a healthy snack,like apple,banana,a plum or a peach or an orange.and after that I usually  drink milk then I play a little bit after that I have dinner and finally I watch .t.v or a movie and ten i go to bed.(oh and on Friday I usually stay up late for my dad.and that’s what I do outside of school.
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